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We endeavour to provide a fun, safe and supportive environment where all children and families are equally valued and respected regardless of their background. We value family partnerships and have an open door policy where families are encouraged to be involved.

The fundamental practice of our service is to provide the children with freedom of choice, the right to play and an opportunity to have their voices heard and reflected in our program. 

We are committed to the National Quality Standards for school age care and the My Time, Our Place framework. This is the basis from where educators collaboratively shape the way we educate and make child-centred curriculum decisions to enhance the learning experiences.

Our educators are expected to be positive role models. We actively encourage the children to plan and try new activities, which help to build on their individual skills and abilities to develop a strong sense of wellbeing. This assists in promoting confident and involved learners, maximising their development and building resilience. 

We strive to inspire responsibility for the natural environment and sustainability. We aim to make a conscious effort to continue to actively support and contribute to local and global community initiatives.

Most of all, we aim to teach acceptance, respect and safety to the children in a fun, play based learning environment.

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