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At Maroubra Junction Before and After School and Vacation Care Centre we believe that parents and caregivers have an important role in the service and we value their comments and suggestions. We aim to ensure that parents feel free to communicate any concerns they have in relation to the staff, management, programs and policies without fearing negative consequences. Our priority is to do everything to improve the quality of our service. 

We encourage families to approach staff to discuss any issues, however minor, in order to ensure that they are resolved effectively. 


  1. Complaints/grievances can be made informally or formally to the manager via email or forms are with the staff member at the sign out desk. 

  2. If parents/ caregivers are not satisfied with the outcome, the complaint/grievance may be put in writing to the Management Committee. 

  3. The management committee will respond in writing with any decision regarding the matter. 

  4. If complaints/grievances cannot be resolved internally, external options will be offered such as an unbiased third party. 

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