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Our centre has a clearly outlined behaviour guidance policy to promote positive behaviour from all children within the centre. Staff will provide positive guidance towards acceptable behaviour and ensure that centre rules are reinforced. A copy

of the behaviour guidance policy can be provided upon request. 

We have the right to immediately enforce suspension or expulsion if your child’s behaviour threatens the safety of other children and staff in the service. This is also the case if your child’s behaviour affects the level of supervision and interaction that is able to be provided to the other children in care. 


At Maroubra Junction Before and After School and Vacation Care Centre we aim to provide an environment where all parents, educators and children feel safe, cared for and relaxed. We also encourage cooperation and positive interactions between educators, children and parents. Rules are clearly established based on safety, respect for others, order and cleanliness. Positive behaviour is encouraged, and self-discipline skills developed through positive example and direction. We have linked with the school and their core values to allow the children one cohesive set of values for their time at school and the centre. 


  • Use good manners

  • Listen and be fair 

  • Use kind words and actions 

  • Be friendly and supportive of others

  • Look after Care Centre Property


  • Be a responsible Cyber Citizen 

  • Use equipment the correct way 

  • Think before you act 

  • Wear a hat when outside 

  • Play safely in the right areas 


  • Be curious and ask questions 

  • Link your knowledge and thinking together to create new ideas 

  • Take pride in your work 

  • Collaborate with others 

  • Understand how you learn 

  • Challenge yourself 

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